About Us

Technosoft is a well manipulated company in thrissur for kuri and accounting based softwares. A very large number of satisfied customers are working comfortably with our software. We provides the latest functions in our software quickly as possible. We created the full software in 'Visual Basic' which is a windows based software for user friendlyness.

A perfect software package for your Kuri company, this software is developed in the Microsoft Windows Platform, using Visual Basic. This fully automized software ensure you, ease of operation, effient data storage and easy retrievel in a very user friendly manner. It is our commitment to quality, user friendliness, onsite training and the after sales support that has made us one of the most prominent Kuri Software provider in the market today.

The software works basically in two steps. The Primary Transactions and the Secondary Transactions. The primary transactions are the basic entries we do, when a customer comes for a transaction. The secondary transactions are the ones that does in the back office after the primary transactions. In the manual method, it is the secondary transaction that is the most complicated and the most time consuming work. But in our software all the Secondary transactions are done automatically, once the primary transactions are done.